Welcome to Modern Educational Complex named in Honour of Heydar Aliyev!

We greet you on behalf of the teaching staff and students of Modern Educational Complex named in Honour of Heydar Aliyev; thank you for considering MTK for your child’s education. 

Modern Educational Complex named in Honour of Heydar Aliyev is the first private and the most prestigious educational institution in Azerbaijan, which comprises Preschool, Primary and Secondary School. 
MTK was established on 1st September, 2001 with the direct participation of the National Leader Heydar Aliyev. As a professional staff of the Complex, we take the responsibility considering the words and recommendations about education, school and teachers given by the Great Leader Heydar Aliyev at the Opening Ceremony. We understand that our main duty is to prepare our children for the world they will inherit; to bring up the young generation that will bear the main national values of Azerbaijan and Azerbaijani dignity, to develop in them the skills, knowledge and wisdom that will enable them to express their pride in different languages, negotiate the world in which they will find themselves, to contribute positively to it and enjoy their participation in it. 
MTK is a huge home that embraces learners and cares as a family in which friendship, cooperation and mutual respect are of great importance. All the members of this family support students to be mentally strong, emotionally stable and intellectually curious personalities. Our mission is to help every child fulfill his or her potential to succeed in a fast-changing, exciting working environment and also to live a happy, fulfilled life as a part of wider global community. Our school ensures that its students reach their full academic potential whilst also developing a broad range of skills, talents and abilities in a pleasant, healthy and caring environment. It is very important to develop tolerance and understanding in communication-the features that help students to confidently adapt to the constantly evolving requirements of the international community.
We try to make our students happy by: 
  • supporting first-rate international and local teaching professionals who deliver high-quality teaching and demonstrate determination and perseverance towards success through their own efforts and initiatives;
  • providing them with academic knowledge and practical life skills that ensure their success in the future;
  • requiring the highest achievements; 
  • developing a supportive and safe school community that interacts with all parents and relevant people;


The world around us is constantly changing, and meeting the needs of students is at the heart of every innovation  we implement. Our school curriculum ensures personal development of students with learning experiences in a supportive environment. Considering the values we have defined we are moving forwards along the challenging journey together with you. We ensure the success of our students not only within the MTK, but also fully prepare them to take their places in the modern world and continue their further education. One of our  goals is to help our  students to demonstrate their knowledge and skills not only in their native language but also in different foreign languages. To achieve this goal, we implement Bilingual system at our Preschool and Primary School. We work hard to make every new student feel welcome and happy in our MTK family as it is very important for them to be successful in the future. Our infrastructure, a world class learning environment and first-rate teaching professionals provide an immersive environment to implement various teaching programs. We keep our classes relatively small so that students can get to know their teachers better and feel comfortable. Each student is valuable to us and we are thrilled with their success.