Thank you for considering MTK International School for your child’s education.

We offer a high-quality education to all eligible students and families who identify with the school’s core values and support our mission, which is to provide an outstanding (English-language) international, Azerbaijani or Russian education to students with a diverse range of nationalities, language skills and abilities.

If you would like to visit our school or have questions about our curriculum, programmes, policies, personnel, and/or facilities please contact our Admissions Team:

PHONE: 055 202 84 01


This school year runs from 15th September 2018 until 15th June 2019.

Specific dates can be found on our School Calendar for the 2018-19 academic year.

Selecting the right class & stream

A defining strength of our school is its unique approach to the delivery of an authentic international education that strongly reflects our school’s pride in the history, language and culture of our location.

Accordingly, students and their families have the option of selecting:

For preschool, ages 2 - 5 (two streams)

  • Bilingual English / Azerbaijani preschool education
  • Bilingual English / Russian preschool education

For primary and secondary, ages 5 - 17 (three streams):

  • International education delivered in English (with a strong Azerbaijani component for host-country nationals)
  • Azerbaijani language education based on the local curriculum, with a minimum of eight lessons a week in English
  • Russian language education based on the local curriculum, with a minimum of eight lessons a week in English

Full details of the curriculum, staffing and the overall school structure are available on the Curriculum page of our website

Determining which class or year group your child will enter

Students are initially placed in a Grade according to their age.

Student's age on 1st September Year group
2 Pre-Nursery Class
3 Nursery Class
4 Reception Class
5 Year 1 (int) / Transition Class (Az / Rus)
6 Year 2 (Int) / Grade 1 (Az / Rus)
7 Year 3 (Int) / Grade 2 (Az / Rus)
8 Year 4 (Int) / Grade 3 (Az / Rus)
9 Year 5 (Int) / Grade 4 (Az / Rus)
10 Year 6 (Int) / Grade 5 (Az / Rus)
11 Year 7 (Int) / Grade 6 (Az / Rus)
12 Year 8 (Int) / Grade 7 (Az / Rus)
13 Year 9 (Int) / Grade 8 (Az / Rus)
14 Year 10 (Int) / Grade 9 (Az / Rus)
15 Year 11 (Int) / Grade 10 (Az / Rus)
16 Year 12 (Int) / Grade 11 (Az / Rus)

Home-school partnership

We welcome families who are open-minded, share our school’s vision and are prepared to nurture their child’s success, on the educational paths provided by our school through effective home-school partnership.  This is essential to the success of students on their educational journey, irrespective of the language of instruction or the  stream that they enter.

Parents should recognise and be willing to cooperate with the school’s philosophy and teaching methodology, and they should be prepared for a long-term commitment to supporting their child’s (in many cases bilingual) education. 

Key responsibilities of parents whose children attend MTK international school include:

  • ensuring that their child is present and punctual in their school attendance (aiming for a minimum of 95% attendance)
  • reading and (when requested) responding to hard copy and digital communication sent by the school
  • supporting and monitoring the completion of your child’s reading and homework completed at home (the former primarily for younger students and the latter primarily for older ones)
  • attending parent-teacher meetings at least four times per year in addition to any more urgent / impromptu meetings that the school may request
  • developing a broad understanding of and supporting our teaching and behaviour management systems
  • (When necessary / requested) supporting your child’s induction to the school in the manner agreed at the Decision and Notification stage of the admissions process (see below).

Admissions process

1. Preliminary visit or conversation

(A preliminary online conversation may replace this stage for overseas families).

Please make an appointment with the Admissions Office to arrange a tour of our campus (phone 055 202 84 01 or email for times and dates of Open Days and School Tours.

2. Application

Click here to contact us and arrange a visit to our campus.

We will confirm receipt of your application form by email upon submission.

3. Interview & Assessment Day

(Interviews should be in person for Baku residents but may be online for non-residents; assessment can be completed remotely within another school setting and all materials will be provided).

- Student Interview

Involving an informal listening and speaking test (in the relevant languages) and non-verbal reasoning on the same day.

- Parent Interview

Parents will be invited for an interview on the same day as the student interview; the aim of this discussion is to establish a shared understanding of the home-school partnership and school expectations.

(On this day parents may attend school for an hour, usually 9.00-10.00, but children should remain for either a half-day or full day, depending on their age).

- Assessment

For preschool and the younger primary classes (ages 2-8) this will involve the child visiting and taking part in lessons for one morning and the informal observation of their behaviour and social interaction.

For older primary and secondary students (all streams) the assessment will involve the above followed by the completion of age / stream-appropriate formal assessment.

Decision & Notification

The Admissions Team will consult academic leadership and ensure that you have a decision within 5 working days of your Interview and Assessment Day.

Unconditional Offer of Place

To accept an unconditional offer please make the tuition fee prepayment within five working days.

Conditional / Amended Offer

A conditional / post-dated or amended offer may be issued in some cases, such as:

- (Conditional) Parents must commit to additional tutoring outside of core lesson times in order for their child to be able to access the desired curriculum stream.

- (Amended) The school feels that the child has a higher likelihood of making positive progress in a different language / curriculum stream than that targeted by the family (e.g. a 14-year old entrant wishes to join the International Stream: Secondary, but the Admissions Team are concerned that there is insufficient time for the student to improve his or her English before IGCSE examinations administered at 16; an Amended Offer for entry to the Azerbaijani or Russian Stream: Secondary is therefore made.

Waiting list

If no places are available in the targeted stream of the school, a place on the waiting list may be offered; while this may be conditional upon who leaves the school (and plans of current students may be subject to change), we make every effort to provide an accurate estimate regarding the likely waiting time.


It is rare for us to decline students who have completed the above process; this would only occur in rare cases in which:

- The family are unwilling to support the school in the required areas of the home-school partnership; the Admissions Team are therefore concerned that the student will not make satisfactory progress.

- None of the streams available for the student’s age are appropriate to their learning needs (e.g. in rare cases where a child has very profound special educational or behavioural needs or disabilities which the school will struggle to cater for).