Our curriculum

The MTK Primary School provides high-quality care and education to students aged 6-11 years.
We teach the internationally respected Cambridge Primary curriculum as our core programme of study. The Cambridge Primary programme used at MTK is specifically designed for international settings and harmonisation with host country National Curriculum standards.
To encourage our students to grow up with pride in their Azerbaijani identify, as well as fluency in their mother tongue, we blend Cambridge with progressive teaching of local National Curriculum native languages.  Also, Azerbaijaini and regional, as well as global, themes, figures, locations and historical events are strongly reflected in teaching, as well as the school’s event calendar.
The Cambridge Primary Curriculum provides a fun and imaginative basis for teaching and learning, incorporating rigorous and effective teaching of reading, writing, speaking and listening, mathematics and science.

Primary School Curriculum Subjects: 

  • English
  • PSHE (RULER) *
    (Personal, Social, Health and Economic education)
  • Mathematics
  • Azerbaijani
  • Russian
  • MFL (French, German, Arabic)
  • Science
  • STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and
    Maths with Computing skills)
  • Social Studies
    (Local and World History & Geography)
  • History of Azerbaijan (Grade 5)
  • Music
  • Art
  • Physical Education
    (Includes sports, games, gymnastics, dance and swimming) 


What is PSHE and RULER?

Yale Centre for Emotional Intelligence’s RULER programme forms the basis of students’ learning in PSHE lessons.

RULER is an evidence-based approach to social and emotional learning (SEL) developed at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. RULER supports the entire school community in:

  • Understanding the value of emotions
  • Building the skills of emotional intelligence
  • Creating and maintaining a positive school climate

We’re proud to be Azerbaijan’s first (and currently only) RULER school!  

For more information about the RULER approach, which permeates the whole school environment and all relationships at MTK, please see the link https://www.rulerapproach.org/

Primary School structure, the educational streams and the teaching staff

Children who attend the MTK Primary School study on the International programme.
In Grades 1-5 The Cambridge Primary Stage Curriculum is delivered. In Grades 1-4 Russian language is offered according to families’ choice.
The Homeroom teachers and specialist teaching staff are host-country English-speaking teachers supported by subject specialists who are native language speakers.
English is taught by fully certified expat teachers who are native English speakers.
MTK teachers stay motivated to serve as lifelong learning leaders in society and equip students with skills to nurture values such as excellence, tolerance, enthusiasm and tenacity.

Meeting the needs of students who speak English as a Second Language

MTK is an internationally minded school based in a country where the native language is Azerbaijani; as such, our teaching staff are specialists at delivering lessons in English that are accessible to a diverse student group including children with beginner, intermediate and advanced/native levels of English.
We achieve this by providing differentiated tasks to students of different abilities, dual language resources, through widespread use of practical and experiential learning, through the provision of additional lessons for some learners and in a myriad of other ways.
In addition to the core teaching staff in your child’s Section (Preschool, Primary, Secondary) the school employs a qualified, experienced English as a Second Language & Learning Support (ESL & LS) Coordinator and a dedicated team of 7 additional ESL & LS Teachers.
Please ask our admissions team and academic management staff for further details.


In the Primary School we employ a variety of methods to closely monitor pupil progress and wellbeing:​
  • standardised tests are administered regularly in all core subjects, measuring pupil progress against age-related expectations (e.g. Cambridge Mid-Term and Cambridge Progression Tests)
  • readiness for success in International Secondary is checked in Grade 5 using Cambridge Assessment’s Checkpoint examinations
  • behaviour for learning grades (a teacher assessment of attitude, concentration, social and group-work skills etc.) are awarded regularly, with accompanying comments
  • subject-specific grades are awarded regularly, with accompanying comments
  • face-to-face Parent-Teacher Consultations occur twice per semester
  • detailed written reports, including grades and narrative feedback which are shared with parents, are issued once per semester / twice a year
All of the above is communicated in a clear and efficient manner to parents, using the e-mtk app which includes onboard data analytics for each pupil.

What makes MTK’s Primary School special?

The MTK Primary School provides pupils with:
  • a high level of personal attention for every pupil
  • high-quality teaching delivered by first-rate international and local teaching professionals
  • a contemporary learning environment with interactive whiteboards in every classroom and fully equipped, state-of-the-art teaching spaces for STEAM, Physical Education, Art and Science.
  • a varied and engaging authentically bilingual curriculum, based on the Cambridge Primary Curriculum
  • a positive emotional climate in which social and emotional skills are systematically taught using  Yale Centre for Emotional Intelligence’s RULER programme
  • an educational path, enabling children to achieve full academic proficiency in English and fluency in their native language
  • regular, high-quality feedback on personal development and learning, both face-to-face and via the e-mtk app
  • clubs that support children's physical and mental wellbeing according to their interests;
  • a vibrant extra-curricular programme, including clubs, leadership programmes and community outreach projects
  • a rich and exciting programme of events, educational visits and performances, with regular opportunities for parent involvement
We designed our curriculum so that students who complete their education at MTK have a high level of choice and flexibility.  
MTK graduates will possess full academic proficiency in English and fluency in native languages also, meaning that a wide range of educational and career paths will be open to them at home or abroad.
More information: +994552028401
Registration: https://www.mtk.edu.az/en20/
E-mail address: admissions@mtk.edu.az