Our curriculum

The MTK Primary School provides high-quality care and education to pupils aged 6-9 years.

Our unique curriculum is instructed in English and native languages.  It blends positive elements of the Cambridge Primary Curriculum, the Azerbaijani National Curriculum and the International Primary Curriculum, creating an engaging and authentically bilingual learning journey.

Pupils may choose from two educational paths:

  • Bilingual A: international education combined with the host-country national curriculum; main languages: English and Azerbaijani
  • Bilingual B: international education combined with the host-country national curriculum; main languages: English, Russian; Azerbaijani as a state language

NB: English-instruction subjects are offered in place of native-language subjects to expatriate children.

Teaching approaches

Educational games, collaborative and project-based learning and the use of technology are complemented by high-quality teaching and diligent practice of core skills such as reading, writing and mathematics.  This approach encourages sustainable high levels of academic achievement and a positive attitude to learning. 

MTK is further proud to offer an expansive extracurricular program including art, sports, language and academic clubs, leadership programmes, sports teams, competitions and Olympiads. These provide both wonderful learning experiences and encourage, social skills and lifelong learning and enjoyment.

Subjects and languages of instruction

The Primary School curriculum includes the following subjects.  Both streams have a strong international curriculum core, complimented by national curriculum instruction in the native language of parents’ preference (Azerbaijani or Russian).

Parents are given a choice of English and native-language electives in a number of subjects.

NB: the following is a simplified overview; please email admissions@mtk.edu.az for precise details of language elective options applied to each Grade / Stream.

Core Subjects (taught every day)

Language of Instruction

Foundation Subjects

(taught 2-3 times per week)

Language of Instruction

English: reading, writing, speaking and listening




Social Studies: history and geography


Language Elective

Native Language


Bilingual A: Azerbaijani

Bilingual B:  Russian

- Azerbaijani as a state language for Bilingual B pupils

STEAM: practical lessons in science, technology engineering, art & maths




Language Elective



Language Elective



Creative Development: art, music, drawing and dance


English for art and drawing, native language for music and dance

Physical Development: physical education and swimming



Personal, Social and Health Education: instruction in positive citizenship, life and social skills


Bilingual, English and native language

Modern Foreign Languages:

Lessons in Arabic, French, German and Russian are available through curriculum lessons and after school clubs; provision varies according to grade and stream


Target language(1)




In the Primary School we employ a variety of methods to closely monitor pupil progress and wellbeing:

  • standardised tests administered regularly in all core subjects, measuring pupil progress against age-related expectations
  • digital assessment tools that benchmark pupils against their peers at other high-performing schools around the world (e.g. MAP Growth)
  • behaviour for learning grades (a teacher assessment of attitude, concentration, social and group-work skills etc.) are awarded every two weeks
  • teacher conferences and PASS(1) tests, which provide diagnostics on pupils’ attitudes to school, their own self-efficacy and wellbeing
  • face-to-face Parent-Teacher Consultations twice per semester(2)
  • detailed written reports, including grades and narrative feedback, which are shared with parents once per semester

All of the above is communicated in a clear and efficient manner to parents, using the e-mtk app which includes onboard data analytics for each pupil.

Why MTK’s Primary School is special?

The MTK Primary School provides pupils with:

  • a high level of personal attention for every pupil
  • high-quality teaching delivered by first-rate international and local teaching professionals
  • a fully equipped contemporary learning environment with interactive whiteboards in every classroom
  • a varied and engaging authentically bilingual curriculum
  • a choice of two educational paths with language electives; the opportunity for parents to craft a unique learning journey for their child
  • regular, high-quality feedback on personal development and learning, both face-to-face and via the e-mtk app
  • A vibrant extra-curricular programme, including clubs, leadership programmes and community outreach projects
  • a rich and exciting programme of events, educational visits and performances, with regular opportunities for parent involvement

We have designed our curriculum in order to enable students who complete their education at MTK with a high level of choice and flexibility. 

MTK graduates will possess full academic proficiency in at least two languages and most will achieve fluency in three or more, meaning that a wide range of educational and career paths will be open to them at home or abroad.

1.  i.e. Target language is an academic term for the language used in lessons in modern foreign languages – e.g. French is used as the language of instruction in a French lesson.
2. The Pupil Attitudes to Self and School test provides a range of data on pupils’ attitude to learning, their teachers and their general wellbeing and self-esteem
3. This is the minimum requirement; teachers are available by appointment on a more regular basis as per parent request.