Music School

Music is the core of the national culture of every nation, the greatest treasure that enriches the spiritual world of mankind. Implementation of music education for schoolchildren from an early age plays an important role in their formation as perfect personalities. From this point of view, in 2002, Modern Educational Complex named in Honour of Heydar Aliyev managed to open Music School within its premises.

The main objective of our Music School is to comprehensively train students studying at our Complex, to instill a delicate sense of music and to bring up students who can deeply master the national and world music culture. It should be noted that this objective has successfully been achieved by our Music School during 18 years of its existence (2002-2020). Among the alumni of our Music School, there are world-famous musicians. In this regard, we can proudly   highlight the achievements of our graduate, composer and musician Arzu Abbasova.

Choosing the Music School at our Complex, you can save your  time. Thus, you can provide your child with music education in parallel with his/ her academic education within the Complex.

Course Length

The length of study at Music School, covers a period of 5-7 years. Depending on students’ choice,  they can complete  music education based on an 11-year program.

Our students regularly demonstrate their musical skills at various school events and concerts.

Musical instruments taught to students:










In addition to the musical instruments listed above, students also take chorus and singing (voice) lessons. Students can master the skills of playing two instruments according to their wishes.

Weekly hours:

1) Music lessons (practical)- 2 hours per week

2) Music theory lesson- once per week

3) Chorus lesson- once per week

Classes on music education are scheduled in accordance with the school timetable.

At the end of the course, students get a Certificate.