Type : Local vacancies

Category : Other vacancies at MTK International School


About Us

Welcome to MTK International School in Baku! We offer high-quality education for children aged 2 to 17 years, providing a wide range of educational disciplines for preschool, primary and secondary education. Choosing a job is an extremely important decision, and we are very glad that you are considering MTK International School.

Our mission is to support each child in realizing his\her potential. Every child should succeed in an interesting working environment in the rapidly changing 21st century, and develop the ability to live a happy, eventful life in Baku and the international community. Our school provides opportunities for students to reach their full educational potential, developing a wide range of skills, talents and abilities. The groups of the Olympiads category as an indicator of the level of professionalism of the school (one class + students from different groups) are considered as the most important component of working with gifted students. Clearly understanding the full responsibility of working in special conditions, we are ready to create opportunities for the formation of an alternative base for working with children. We are looking for independent, responsible, creative and open-minded teacher, both for the development of the school and for the development of our young generation of specialists.

Our team consists of both local and international experts. We are seriously focused on the formation of an international team and a new model of education, implementing international experience, taking into account the preservation and presentation of the national component in a modern format

Requirements for a candidate



 Bachelor degree in Educational Field

  • In technical subjects.
  • Academic degree

 Work experience:

 At least 2 years in an appropriate field

 In the field of education

 Knowledge of the   system:

 A high level of awareness and practical skills in the field   of local and international subject and project   competitions.


 Knowledge of   languages:



 ICT Knowledge:

 Fluency in:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • Power point
  • Internet
  • Smart board (Promethean)

Additional programs are welcome

 Social and   emotional skills


  • Skills for working with gifted children
  • Ability to work in conditions of emotional instability
  • Skills of persuasion and eloquence
  • High tolerance to different cultures and situations
  • Analytic skills;
  • Ability to work with challenging requirements;
  • A high level of empathy, the ability to support the student in difficult times for him/her
  • Mathematical thinking
  • Working conditions
  •  Working hours from 08:30 to 17.30;
  •  Work with a teaching staff;
  •  Working in one of the most modern educational campuses in Azerbaijan;
  •  Opportunity to develop and participate in a number of pilot educational projects;
  •  Possibility to work autonomously:
    • Make decisions on the formation of individual plans;
    • Analyze class processes and the level of teaching;
    • Study the current Olympiads and make suggestions.
  • Ability to express oneself both individually and in a team;
  • Ability to work with senior managers of the complex.
  • Employee Expectations
  • High productivity in the work under the conditions of “maximum initiative, minimum control”;
  • Coordination and leadership of the Olympiad class (7th grade);
  • Close work with teachers, management and psychologist;
  • Coordination of students of the Olympiad ranks of all class levels;
  • Periodic work with parents;
  • Representation of the school locally and internationally;
  • Systematic diagnosis of students;
  • The constant search for potentially talented children for the Olympiad ranks;
  • Formation of the Olympiad rank system of work, special and individual work schedules with students;
  • Continuous study of systems of international and local standards;
  • Observation and assessment of the correspondence of the level of work to the teacher of specialized and non-core areas.